You are a traveller to the Middlegrounds, a place filled with mysterious beings and cryptic puzzles. Explore and discover it's denizens...


WASD or Arrows - Movement

X - Action


As I was making this game, I had to pare down a lot of different ideas to make the game more narrow. Treat this as a demo, and if you would like to see more, let me know!


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Finally, I found this game again. I found Middlegrounds after reading the RPS article on it, but after playing I forgot the name of it and could never find it again for over a year. But just this morning, I by chance stumbled across another game that started with "mid" whose description reminded me of this and I finally was able to find it again. I had a few questions about this if you don't mind (trying to avoid spoilers).

I was really curious to know if there are multiple conclusions here. After all, "did I do the right thing?"

There is a room in which the right wall it looks like it has a face or something, but I've never been able to interact with it. Is there anything I'm missing there?

I was able to get to a hidden area with all the items but I was never able to progress past that, even though it looks like you should be able to.

How can I discover the significance of these altars? I can't find a way to interact with them at all. Even at the beginning of the game where the dude asks you to keep his friends away from the altar, those things tend to go toward the candles anyway. I wasn't sure if that was just to show a new player how the creatures work or if there was more to that.

There is sometimes this "boing" sound that seems to come from nowhere and I can find no visual clues as to what they are.

Is there anything else I may have missed you can hint at? If there's more to be found, I'm afraid I've hit a wall.

Of course it could be that I need to do more digging to find answers, but so far I haven't discovered anything new since last time and you mentioned having to narrow down the scope of the game quite a bit so I felt I should ask. It's a shame this didn't become more popular, though; I really enjoyed this one. Hope there's more in store for the future.

Hi Ordinal! So glad you enjoyed this, sorry about taking a while to get back to you - I've had a bit of a game dev hiatus. To answer a few of your questions, the only 'conclusion' is leaving the island - but the events can play out differently. The altars are save points, mystery sounds happen from the whole game world being instanced at once ( puzzlescript limitation ).

It sounds like you've seen basically everything, which is awesome - I'd love to come revisit some of this ideas I had here, all feedback will definitely be on my mind as I work forward, so thanks for your comment!