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The game can't be opened on Apple M1 :(

Unfortunately, I don't have a machine to test that on - I've uploaded a new build for just "Mac_silicon" that might work better, let me know if you have any luck with it!

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Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. I still get the message that: ''The app MushroomLabyrinth_23010201_Mac_silicon can't be opened.''


This was a really pleasant experience! The atmosphere was incredible and I have no idea how you managed to make such a huge, coherent environment. I ended up getting all of the green ones and 84 of the blue ones (including one that was in a rock), but only 6 of the red ones. Those ones were quite well hidden.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! You did very well collecting - I made the red ones very difficult and sneaky so I'm pleased you were able to find that many!